The Benefits Of Loading Services For Companies

Make a Smooth Transition

You never know how much stuff you have until it’s time to move. Once you start packing, you can feel the stress starting to build up.

Depend On for Commercial & Residential Moving Services

If you have to put your business on hold to move to a new location, you want the process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

professional commercial movers who can move your business in no time. We’ll move the entire business operation, including:


Office equipment

Office furniture

Heavy-duty equipment


You don’t have to feel swamped by your belongings leading up to a move. Trust Moving & Storage to handle every aspect of your move.

Here are three reasons why should be your preferred moving company:

1. have the most capable employees:

Our professional crew is efficient, trustworthy and experienced. don’t hire temp help-all of employees meet strict criteria.

2. offer fair and accurate pricing:

You won’t have any surprises when you get the bill. Plus, provide free in-home estimates so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

3. provide all needed materials:

Forget about scrambling to buy packing materials the day before your move. crew comes prepared with all the packing materials need.

Apply to be a Household Goods Mover

which provides the following advice for household moving.

Be flexible.

Choose carefully. If your move is from point to point within Oregon, only use a mover certified.

Ask the mover to provide its certificate number.

Get a written, signed estimate and keep it.

Be ready when the mover arrives.

Accompany the mover to make up an inventory of your items to be moved.

Understand and agree with the bill of lading before you sign it.

Before scheduling your move, require the mover to explain limits of liability and your options for loss and damage protection.

Be at the destination at the time agreed upon for delivery.

Check the condition of your property before you sign a delivery receipt

Make an Inventory List

Movers are not required to provide an inventory list of goods moved in local hourly moves. You may want to prepare your own inventory and count the items and boxes as they are loaded and unloaded. Discuss this with the mover in advance because a successful loss or damage claim settlement may depend on it

Protect Your Household Goods

See the Household Goods Bulletin above for insurance options and value information for your move.

See ready-to-assemble furniture on this page for additional valuation information.

Other valuation protection options may be offered by the mover, if approved by the Department of Transportation.

Be sure the bill of lading indicates the option you have chosen before you sign it.

You must choose an option. If your mover fails to have you select an option, Replacement Cost Protection will be selected at your expense.

Caution: If the actual value of your goods is higher than the amount you declare on the bill of lading, you may NOT be fully covered. If you are unsure of the value of your goods, check your homeowner´s policy or call your insurance agent.

Beware of Unlicensed Movers

If you choose an unlicensed mover, intentionally or unintentionally, there may be little or no protection for loss or damage to your property. occasionally receives complaints from people who hired unlicensed movers, including complaints that a mover is virtually holding hostage a person;s household goods until they pay more money.

Getting House Removals Quotes is Easy

Before you move house

Moving house is notorious as one of the most stressful experiences you can go through; before you can start your new life in your new home there’s a lot to do. Preparation in advance is the key to having a successful house move.

To Do List

To make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible we’d recommend making a checklist of tasks you need to complete before the removals van rolls up

Tell people you’re moving

Other than friends and family make sure you give notice to authorities like HMRC and the council, also notify energy companies, transfer your TV licence and cancel or re-direct subscriptions services – such as ISPs, gyms or mail order services. You can also apply for postal re-direction though there is a fee.

Get rid of stuff

Moving is a great reason to sell off any hoarded items you’ve been keeping “just in case.” You don’t want to move more things than necessary so charities, eBay or car-boot sales are the order of the day.

Arrange a removal company

When you’ve sorted out the initial tasks of tidying and informing the proper parties of your move, you need to arrange a moving company. Moving companies provide varying levels of service when it comes to helping you pack and load, (see the next tab for more on finding moving services).

Movers in that you can trust.

Few things in life are as stressful as moving – whether it is a residential home, an office or a storage locker, packing everything you own in a logical, safe and organized way is always difficult (and that’s if everything goes according to plan).

offers a fair price, treats your belongings with care and respect and works efficiently is absolutely essential to your move being successful. But, how do you find one? The internet contains a labyrinth of review sites all providing conflicting reports on the quality or lack of quality for the various moving companies, making it very difficult to separate the good from the bad

moving company that is imbedded within the local community. It has been in operation since 2014 and offers a variety of moving services, including – residential moves, office moves and storage services

largest moving companies and has more than 250 dedicated employees who will facilitate your move for you

moving company that is imbedded within the local community. It has been in operation since 2014 and offers a variety of moving services, including – residential moves, office moves and storage services



Pack one room at a time. Be sure to label each carton as you proceed.

Pack what you need least, first. (i.e. If it is winter, pack all your spring items).

Try to keep all packed boxes as close to the door as possible.

Place heavier items in smaller boxes, linens and towels in medium sized boxes.

Label cartons by listing what items are in the box and designate which room it should be delivered to.

Try to pack a few cartons a day, starting well ahead of the move.

Be sure to have the correct packing materials.

Be sure that the bottoms of all cartons are secured and will hold the weight of the contents.

All heavier items should be packed toward the bottom of the box and lighter items toward the top.

Regarding carton size keep this in mind “the heavier the item, the smaller the carton.”


DO: Be sure to remove all items that might break. Partially empty drawers and fill spaces with small, fragile items like clocks or picture frames wrapped in loose clothing.

DON’T: Leave bureau drawers completely full for the move — the bureau will be too heavy.

DON’T: Overload the bureaus drawers or damage may occur.

DON’T: Put tape on drawers — it could stick to the finish.

China and Crystal

DO: Use tape, small and medium boxes, bubble wrap, un-printed newspaper.

DON’T: Use compartmentalized liquor boxes unless the compartments are made of sturdy cardboard and you put a layer of packing material on the bottom first.

DO: Wrap glasses and cups in bubble wrap or newspaper.

DON’T: Forget to mark the appropriate room for each carton.

DO: Seal and mark fragile china.

“Packing Services” are available upon request and can be provided in conjunction with any of the above job types or independantly. provides standard packing supplies in addition to specialized items upon request.