Long Distance Moving Commonly Asked Questions And Concerns

How much do long-distance movers cost?

The national average cost for a professional long distance mover (moves over 100 miles) is $4,300. However, that rate can range from $2,000-$8,000+ depending on the total distance, size and weight of your load and any extras like full-service packing and shipping.

Moving into a new home is never easy — especially if you’re relocating to another part of the state or country. You’re likely starting a new job, making new friends and figuring out how to live in a new city — all on top of moving your belongings. Not only that, but cross country or interstate moving typically costs more than double the average rate for a local move. So, it’s important to understand how long distance movers charge so you can compare quotes and set a realistic budget for your cross country move, while still working with a company you trust.

What affects the cost of hiring a professional for a long distance move?

Unlike local moving companies, which charge an hourly rate based on the number of movers you need, long distance movers quote prices based on the miles traveled, total weight of your household items and the labor costs.

So instead of paying $100 an hour for two movers to load and unload your two-bedroom apartment across tow, expect to pay $2,000-$4,000 for long distance movers to move the same belongings cross country to your new home.

Weight and size of your load

Most long distance movers charge $.50 per pound for moves over 100 miles. To give you an estimate of what this means for your belongings, below are the average costs of local and long distance moves by size of home

Long Distance Moving

Your Long Distance Moving Company

Whether you’re moving the next state over or across the country, let us make your move stress-free. Moving any distance can be stressful, but preparing for a long distance move can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to do everything yourself

How do we do it? We start with the best available movers and moving equipment – our own.

When you entrust your move, you can rest assured that you will be working exclusively with our own employees. From the mover who packs up your home theater, to the team who sets up your bed so you’ll have a place to sleep your first night, you can trust they have all been trained by our management to the peak standards our happy customers have come to trust and expect.

Your Needs Come First & You Stay in Control

When coordinating a long distance move, there are a lot of moving parts (pun intended!), from scheduling to packing, keeping things safe in transit to unpacking and setting up your new home. We understand how much goes into a move of any size, logistically and emotionally, and are dedicated to accommodating your needs and attending to all the details from start to finish.

Do More than Move Your Belongings from A to B

In addition to safely transporting your belongings to your new home, we also offer complete packing and unpacking and other moving services and can assist with tasks after unloading, such as assembling beds and arranging furniture to your liking to help you make your new place feel like home. Save yourself the heavy lifting and let our team of movers get everything set up for you

Getting the Best Long-Distance Removalists

When you’re ready to make your move, you want to choose the right movers—but how do you know that you’re making the right decision? What should you be looking for as you choose the best long distance moving company for your needs? Consider these key elements as you evaluate long-distance movers and make the choice that’s right for you and your family.

Does the Moving Company Carry Insurance?

As you choose a moving company for your long-distance move, make sure that the company has insurance and that it is current: that is, that it has not been allowed to lapse. Accidents can happen during the moving process, though your movers will take every possible step to ensure that your goods remain as safe as possible. You want a company that is insured against potential damage. Not only that, your moving company should have insurance that will protect their movers if they suffer an accident en route or on the job. Don’t be afraid to ask to see a current copy of your movers’ insurance policy.

What Services Does the Long-Distance Moving Company Offer?

Moving can create a lot of stress. You have many tasks that you need to take care of as you prepare to transfer your life to a new, far-away location. The services that your long-distance moving company offers can make that move much easier. Utilising those moving services can streamline your move and get you settled in your new home faster—not to mention reducing your overall stress.

Packing Services

Packing up your home can take a great deal of time and energy. You may need to start packing weeks before your long-distance move, especially if you’re trying to move a family. While there are some tasks you will still need to take care of yourself—sorting through the items you want to donate or sell before your move, for example—some long-distance moving companies will offer services that include packing up your possessions for you.

Storage Services

Some people, as they prepare for a long-distance move, discover that they cannot move into their new property as quickly as they might hope. You may need to leave your current residence as your lease expires or in order for new owners to move into the house. Unfortunately, your new home might not be ready for you yet. You may need to wait for the former residents of a house to move out, or you may have a new landlord who needs a few more days—or in some cases even a few weeks—to be ready for you to move into the property.

Long distance moving guide

People believe when they are moving that they are changing their lives. Or maybe a big part of it. That is a complete truth. Never the less, it matters if you are moving local or long distance. Long distance moving is complicated and more difficult than residential moving because it has so many more factors inside the long-distance moving process

The starting point is to choose a reliable moving company for long distance moving

When you are moving you need to think about a lot of things. And you can’t make it up everything on your own. Long distance moving is a process that requires the touch of a professional hand

Everyone in the moving process knows his place in the system. That is a formula for success! With our moving experts, you won’t be feeling like you are moving because they are highly trained in moving and experienced. When you look at them and how they work, you can think that it is easy and that you can do it by yourself. But, that is not like that. They have passed so many situations during the different kinds of the move and they can not be unprepared. We are accurate and careful.

Arrange storage services

When you are long distance moving delays are possible. For many reasons like bed whether, problems in transportation, disagreement with the landlord, etc. which will protect your belongings in the right way. You can easily wait for the delay to pass and relax because your things will be safe and sound in our storage facilities.

storage facilities are clean, dry and well protected from moisture, damp and damage. When your belongings arrive in our storage, we will take good care of it, as long as you need it. They can stay long-term or short-term. For arranging storage services it doesn’t matter if you are moving long-distance or local. You can arrange storage even ‘’just in case” scenario

Guide to Completing a Long Distance Move

Deciding to make a long distance move can be a big mixture of both excitement and anxiousness. Whether it is across the country or even just to the other side of the state. Excitement about the new adventures that await you in your new home. But, also anxiousness for everything leading up to that point. It’s not an easy thing to take on.

Other factors are thrown in that don’t usually happen when you’re tackling a shorter move across town. A long distance move is much more complex and requires more planning than your typical move. You can’t just pack up a truck and call it a day. From looking for a home online to hiring a mover who specializes in interstate moves and everything between, things can get complicated fast. But it can be done successfully.

With some tips, some planning, and some patience, you can make the move an exciting adventure all the way through. The preparation stage is absolutely critical to the success of your move. Here are some great tips to help you plan for your long distance move and make it as smooth of a transition as possible

Take Your Time

It is essential that you allow yourself plenty of time for your move. Whether you are the type that likes to plan everything out line by line or more of a going with the flow personality. A long-distance move requires much more planning and preparation time compared to a usual inner-city move. If you try and squeeze everything into a short time span then you are almost guaranteeing problems along the way. Many people recommend allowing 12-16 weeks for a long distance move. Any less than 8 weeks and you’re asking for trouble.

Write Out Your Plan

When starting your planning for your long distance move, sit down and write out your plan for each week leading up to the actual move. This should be the first thing you do. Break up your tasks throughout the weeks to not overwhelm yourself. This also ensures that time-sensitive things like utility connections do not slip through the cracks.