The Best Way To Get Rid Of Raccoon

Educational guide will help you to resolve your problem with a raccoon Remember, raccoons are wild animals, and although they are not interested in attacking a person, and they very rarely transmit disease, please take proper safety precautions. Raccoons are basically urban animals, and they love to eat out of garbage cans or dumpsters or […]

Getting The Best Protection From Possums Control Services

POSSUM KEY CLUES Distinctive features: Furry body, long bushy tail, shorter front legs, pair of fused toes on hind feet, protruding brown eyes, pointed snout with pink nose, pointed ears without fur on the inside. Size: Similar size to a cat. Droppings: Crescent shaped pellets, in groups or single. Footprints: Five-toed fore-feet, different hind-feet, claw […]